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FAQ's - Delray Aerial Yoga in Delray Beach, FloridaDelray Aerial Yoga in Delray Beach, Florida

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Q. If I do not practice yoga, can I participate?

A. Of course. You do the best you can – do more or less as your comfort level and confidence increase.
Q. What do I wear?

A. It’s better to have your legs covered past the knees. Wear a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops). *Please note: No jewelry, sharp hair clips, or long finger/toe nails are allowed in the aerial silk swings as any snags or tears in the swing material will render the swing unsafe and unusable.*
Q. How much weight does the swing hold?

A. Up to 1000lbs.
Q. What if I tend to get dizzy if my head is below my heart or if I have vertigo?

A. Inversions can be avoided, advise your instructor.
Q. Who should not do aerial yoga?

A. People with glaucoma, recent head injury, pregnant, very low or very high blood pressure, sinusitis, herniated discs, vertigo, recent surgery, botox within 12 hours, stroke, weak bones.