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Delray Aerial Yoga | Delray Beach | South Florida | About UsDelray Aerial Yoga in Delray Beach, Florida

Located in beautiful Delray Beach, FL, Delray Aerial Yoga is a blissful retreat in the heart of a tropical paradise. Our studio is customized for the art of aerial yoga, featuring aerial hammocks made of 35ft of silk material. Each hammock has been securely installed and can support up to 1,000lbs.

A traditional aerial yoga class begins with a warm up focused on centering the breathing (Prana), opening the body through stretching, and movement to help warm the spine. This leads to a flowing sequence of movements using the silk aerial hammock as a tool to enhance practice. Classes include zero-compression inversions to decompress the spine, while lengthening and strengthening the body. Using the hammock also allows for a core and upper body workout to help tone muscles while relaxing the mind. Classes typically close with floor poses incorporating the aerial hammock to refocus the breathing and invite a sense of calm and peace. The Savassana is taken to a completely new level as you float weightlessly in an individual silk cocoon, feeling secure and safe.

Delray Aerial Yoga now offers classes for every level – from beginner to advanced. We offer introductory specials for those visiting us for the first time, and multi-class packages for those wishing to experience this unique form of yoga more often.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life through a challenging, but incredibly rewarding yoga program, Delray Aerial Yoga is for you. We welcome you to visit our studio, take a class or contact us at info@delrayaerialyoga.com for additional information.